Los desafíos de la sociedad de la información al mundo del Derecho

Universidad Nacional del Sur - Departamento de Derecho

Un grupo de abogados investigadores plantea interrogantes y respuestas a los desafíos que la llamada “sociedad de la información” plantea al mundo jurídico, donde los datos son de relevancia vital para la economía, la cultura y hasta la intimidad, y pueden crearse, procesarse, almacenarse y transferirse con facilidad.

Analysis of the Reach of a Tax to Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Universidad Nacional del Nordeste - Facultad de Derecho, Ciencias Políticas y Sociales

An investigation deals with the viability of implementing a tax to carbon dioxide emissions in Argentina as an incentive to the use of renewable energies. The project’s objectives are focused in advancing in legislation drafts in addition to the active participation in environmental education. They highlight the need to progress in measures to control contaminating emissions.

Medicine and Law under an Interdisciplinary View

Universidad Nacional de Rosario - Facultad de Derecho

The relation between medicine and law is a matter of analysis in a research of the Facultad de Derecho of the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. The study deals with the topic of medicalization of life related to the law and observes the way in which medicine absorbs different fields which do not have to be treated by this discipline. The study highlights the importance of an interdisciplinary treatment of social topics.

The Law on “Surrogate Motherhood” Neglects Children’s Rights

Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora - Facultad de Derecho

A team of researchers from the Facultad de Derecho analyzed laws, doctrines and jurisprudence on surrogate motherhood and concluded that the law neglects the children’s right to identity and focuses in the adults’ interests. The researchers warn that in the law, as well as in the doctrine, the children’s right to identity cannot be limited by the right to privacy or anonymity of the genetic father.

Legal Garantism: “Crime Investigation cannot be made at All Costs”

Universidad Nacional del Sur - Departamento de Derecho

The debate about garantism and preservation of individual freedom in penal processes is current and controversial. In an interview with Argentina Investiga, Judge José Luis Ares, who is Professor of the subject Derecho Procesal Penal in the Universidad Nacional del Sur, reflects on its importance in a State governed by the rule of law and the false dichotomy between a rights-based approach and investigative efficiency.

Legal Discourse in Sexual Violence Crimes

Universidad Nacional de La Pampa - Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Jurídicas

Researchers analyzed 232 sentences of crimes against sexual integrity dictated in the three Criminal Courts of La Pampa in a period of 12 years. The data shows that the main victims of abuse are girls and victimizers are adult, heterosexual men. He usually has a relationship with the victim and commits the crime in an intimate environment with little chances of being discovered. The research reveals the prevalence of patriarchal cultural patterns in La Pampa’s penal system.

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