“Odontolocos” por más dientes sanos

Universidad Nacional de Rosario - Facultad de Odontología

Un equipo de estudiantes y docentes de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario realizó un trabajo de promoción de la salud bucal en distintas comunidades del norte del país, una actividad que la Cátedra Odontología Social IV desarrolla desde 1998. Los investigadores resaltaron la importancia de “darles la información para que puedan prevenir las enfermedades; de lo contrario no hacemos una odontología a conciencia porque sólo trabajamos sobre la patología”.

Use of Piercings in University Youths

Universidad Nacional de Rosario - Facultad de Odontología

The School of Odontology carried out an investigation on the use of piercings among the students of the first years of the career considering the age, most frequent locations, adverse reactions and lesions, as well as the motives which led them to use them and take them out.

Innovative Biomaterial to Regenerate Bone through the Combination of Proteins

Universidad Nacional de Tucumán - Facultad de Odontología

Scientists from Tucumán designed a malleable membrane which stimulates cells and produces neobone formation in a few weeks. The researchers’ idea is that, through the use of national origin products, the biomaterial can become accessible for patients. The work is in a pre-clinical stage and it was successfully tested in animals.

Detection and Treatment of Facial Asymmetries

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo - Facultad de Odontología

The specialist Adriana Poletto investigates the relation of facial asymmetries with joint dysfunctions and clarifies that Odontology has to treat them in time, during childhood in order to avoid permanent and irreversible damages. Through the study carried out by the researcher it is seek to elaborate integral diagnostic protocols and establish the adequate treatment to deal with the pathologies in an interdisciplinary way.

Research to see if there are Links between the action of Mate Water and Mouth Cancer

Universidad Nacional del Nordeste - Facultad de Odontología

Mate is a well rooted Argentinean and Uruguayan custom. The way to prepare it is so diverse as there are regions in Argentina, but everywhere the common factor is the high temperature of the water. This detail led two Faculties of Odontology in Argentina and Uruguay to investigate if the thermal action of mate is a risk factor which predisposes to mouth cancer.

Serious Oral Pathologies in a Rural Zone of Mendoza

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo - Facultad de Odontología

An interdisciplinary team worked in the communities of the desert in the North east of the province and found that dental care is a serious deficit in the region. The sporadic character of the care system, the lack of instruments in health centers and the distance are some of the obstacles which contribute to this deficit. Apart from the treatment of oral diseases, the professionals carried out preventive activities through conferences about dental health.

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