Young People from Tucumán Claim to Learn more about Science and Technology

Universidad Nacional de Tucumán - Facultad de Psicología

A poll indicates that almost 80% of the students in the last year of high school are interested in these topics. However, only 13% knows a scientist and almost half of them think it is a very hard work. The research included a survey done to 2,040 youths in the last year of high school from 120 schools. Television resulted in the most influential media to be informed about science.

Teachers Face the Challenges of Information Society

Universidad de Concepción del Uruguay - Centro Regional Gualeguaychú

A research work done in the Regional Center Gualeguaychú proposes to examine the usefulness that teachers give to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) in the classroom. They considered that it is important to introduce ICT’s as a motivating element to increase knowledge and favor social inclusion. However, the current educational context positions these educational policies in an initiation moment and adoption of this new system.

Teaching Strategies: From the Professor to the Tutor

Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora - Facultad de Ingeniería

Researchers work in the application of new teaching strategies. This study about the students’ competences emerged from this task, which permitted to prove how the new knowledge can be transmitted better thanks to the strategies that add the image of professor/tutor to the classes through a more personal relation with the student.

Internationalization of Higher Education: The IUNIR’s Experience

Instituto Universitario Italiano de Rosario - Departamento de Investigación

The Dean of the Instituto Universitario Italiano de Rosario (Italian University Institute of Rosario) shared the enriching experience of international relations for educational improvement. This process settled on after the creation of the Area of International Relations of the IUNIR which permitted to sign 42 international agreements and more than 100 graduate and post-graduate students’ rotations abroad, among other achievements.

Psychoanalysis, School and Teenage Subjectivity

Universidad Nacional del Sur - Departamento de Humanidades

A group of investigations devoted to the intertwining between psychoanalysis and the school was edited by the Universidad Nacional del Sur. It compiles the works of eight years of an interdisciplinary group. Among other things, the work reveals how obligatory high school was the origin of new tensions and disagreements.

Comunicadores sociales, sus itinerarios de formación y experiencias laborales

Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos - Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación

Investigadores llevan adelante un proyecto que indaga en los diferentes sentidos de las prácticas de los estudiantes y los graduados de la carrera de Comunicación Social que se desempeñan en la zona de Paraná y Santa Fe. La directora del proyecto señaló que “la peculiaridad de la carrera abre un abanico de posibilidades que reconfigura las opciones de especialización”.

Dirección Nacional de Desarrollo Universitario y Voluntariado

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