What is Argentina Investiga?

What is Argentina Investiga?

Since many years ago, society has been immersed in what is called "The communications Era"

The media and its recognizable ?agenda setting? impose the topics, the rhythm and duration of the news; except in some cases, the scientific and academic production generated by National Universities is excluded.

In this current fictionalized scenario the following questions arise: What space do the scientific and academic works generated by National Universities occupy in the media? What is the price that mass media give to universities, teachers and researchers?


The main objective of the virtual newspaper: To spread and circulate scientific news belonging to academic and university extension and developed in National Universities.

This new media seeks to constitute itself in a space aimed at spreading scientific, academic and extension news, covering and circulating the projects and investigations carried out by Argentinean national universities, as well as being part of the raw material that the mass media use to configure and give content to their news every day. The site Argentina Investiga is an optional look that the existent media offer ? also to their current frames- and that represent the daily work of the researchers, scientists and academic administrations as a whole.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Being a direct vehicle to spread the programs developed by the Universities.
  2. Developing a space where the volume of information generated by the Universities can be incorporated in a fair way.
  3. Promoting the bonds between each academic administration of the university environment with the rest of the community.
  4. Creating a space that favors the interaction among Universities and where there can be bonds among the intervening actors.
  5. Creating a link between mass media and university actors.
    Spreading the technological, productive and scientific advances generated by the Argentinean University.
  6. Spreading in an equitable way the news that come from National Universities.

Working Structure:

The virtual newspaper has a Technical Coordination Board which depends on the Secretariat of University Policies of the Argentine National Ministry of Education; the Operative Link Team in charge of the SIU Consortium will be responsible for the development and technical maintenance of the Argentina Investiga Software (Argentina Investiga.siu.edu.ar); the structure is completed by 40 with basis on each of the National Universities and depending on them.

The Public Nature of the News

Once the information has been uploaded, it has a public nature. Every person who wants to use this information must cite the source.

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